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About Some Songs

Walking All Night

"Walking All Night" came out the empty streets of Durham before the development boom of the mid-2000s. There's a scene in the classic baseball film, Bull Durham, where Kevin Costner is walking past one of the many abandoned tobacco warehouses that used to define "downtown" Durham. There were nights in the early part of the new millennium, where that's exactly how the town felt. No hustle. No crime. Just a kind of lonely relief that a darkened empty street can bring. It's not hard to miss that kind of lonely.


"Ada" (a live staple and on a forth coming release) was inspired by the poem The Burying Beetle" by now US Poet Laureate, Ada Limón. Her message of loss, manifest in the workings of her garden, was then coupled with my memories of conversation with a young girl, also named Ada. For a 7 or 8 year-old she was surprisingly attentive in our conversations, often acknowledging that she understood whatever difficulty I might bring up, which became the chorus: 
"And what troubles me troubles you, Ada"

"Ada"  - 2017

We lost God a while ago

Somewhere past the check-out lane

The busted pipe that spilt like rain

A thousand heads that bent to strain
To hear the torn girl's prayer

They're grinding wood the next street down

Like they could cause the trees to fall

Or stop the Spring's brazen call
I guess if we don't fight it all
It's one less thing we share

And what troubles me troubles you
What troubles me troubles you
What troubles me troubles you, Ada

When it came for the speeches to begin

He took his turn and grabbed the mic
Then dashed away cross the gas light
The silence struck them as alright
Wish I had been there

And Ada, how your garden grows
Sweet potatoes, spider plants
Yellow rocket's dying rants
The creeper crawls then recants
And the beetles turn the dirt to air

And what troubles me troubles you
What troubles me troubles you
What troubles me troubles you, Ada

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Tiny House writes songs on subjects from addiction and loss to food trucks and sexting.
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